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消息称苹果明年新的Ultra机型或将取代Pro Max机型

2022-09-26 09:59来源:VOA在线

  It is reported that on the morning of September 26, Beijing time, at the beginning of the launch of the iPhone, this phone will undergo a major design revision every two years. This is also in line with the two-year operator contract of the core mobile phone industry.

  For example, two years after the launch of the new iPhone 3G, the iPhone 4 came into the market; Two years later, the iPhone 5 was revised and launched; Two years later, the iPhone 6 will be available.

  But all this changed in 2016, when Apple increased the revision cycle to three years. The company will be revised. The design of the iPhone 6 has been retained until the iPhone 8, the design of the iPhone X has been retained until the iPhone 11, and the shape elements of the iPhone 12 have also been used by the iPhone 14.

  According to the current method, it is estimated that Apple will be able to choose USB-C interface or use a new interface Ultra model to replace the ProMax model when it carries out a new repair of the iPhone next year.

  From this point of view, the iPhone 14 ProMax also basically adopts the same design as the previous generation of products, and there is no obvious selling point that people have to upgrade.

  If you already have an iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro, unless you have a very cost-effective replacement policy, you are not recommended to upgrade.

  That said, the iPhone 14 ProMax is a little more advanced than the iPhone 13 ProMax.

  After a week of testing, the most prominent function of this phone is to redesign the "Smart Island", screen display and the latest camera system. As for the new safety functions, no one may hope to use the traffic accident detection or the traffic accident detection SOS satellite communication function one day (the latter will not be used until the end of this year).

  However, once such satellite communication devices become popular, Apple may find it difficult to prevent users from using this feature to trick and blog traffic. What are the consequences? I'm afraid it remains to be seen.

  Jiaming allows customers to book test phones to try satellite functions, and Apple may take similar measures. This is conducive to the normal use of satellites and reduces the adverse consequences of abuse. Other equipment will be subject to high penalties for abuse. For example, Breitling emergency watch can send death signals, but if abused, it may be fined 100000 dollars.

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