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The Last Goodbye-David Cook

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David Cook的美偶之路是从奥马哈市(Omaha)的海选开始的,开赛之初他还是一名酒保,好莱坞周之时,评委西蒙(Simon)还曾因为David Cook的吉他质疑了他单独演唱的能力,事实却证明铁面判官西蒙也有犯错之时,越来越激烈的竞争之下,David Cook显示出了他顽强的摇滚精神与独特的原创能力。他演唱的《Billie Jean》虽然不是原创编排,但却登上了当周iTunes下载量榜首,之后便一发不可收拾,在玛丽亚-凯莉(Mariah Carey(听歌))周上的《Always Be My Baby》的抒情摇滚版成为iTunes最热门的歌曲,在单日下载量以大比数抛远对手。

If you hear this on the radio
then we've already said our last goodbye
I won't be there when you get home
by now there's someone else that hears you cry
I wonder if he holds you like I did
I hope that he can love you better
cause we were everything that's right at the wrong time
I didn't want to lose you
leave you with a broken heart
but wherever we are, we're miles apart
I know that we tried, but this is the last goodbye
oh, I didn't want to let you go
we were almost beautiful
a broken piece of art put on display
but we were never possible
another perfect moment thrown away
I know somebody out there will love you
they'll be the forever we never were
our last goodbye
the last goodbye