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Panda Bear-Owl City

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Adam Young,于2007年组建了Owl City乐队。他就是这支流行电子乐队的唯一成员,负责主音、合成器和编曲等工作。09年11月份,Owl City开启了中国巡演,陆续登陆香港、武汉、上海、北京的live house,所到之处现场观众爆棚,反响十分热烈。

Owl City也自我承认,他的声音就象少女倾诉心事一样温文细气,但对旋律节奏的掌握却十分到位.专辑以欢快的电子旋律征服了不少听众,象宝石般闪烁明亮.而 首张专辑Maybe I'm Dreaming在演绎方面Owl City显然更加投入,从精致的和声到深情的合唱,Owl City的个人魅力也越加凸现.甜蜜的声线清新的电子音乐,这貌试简单的配搭却被Owl City演绎得绚丽多彩,尽管夏日未到但已仿佛感受到那份清爽的惬意。

I'm moving to Tokyo
Cuz I'm tired of San Francisco
My contracts are finally void
And I am getting out

On houses and building tops
I swallow the beams and sundrops
If my echos could reach your ears
Then I could save my calls
What happens when I'm above
The east river when you are in love
We're staring at all these lights
And I am going blind

Fill all of the navy yards
With hard working security guards
Cuz the numbers are wearing off
My plastic access cards
How can I begin to say
I feel better off when we stay
In Paris on winter nights
Beneath the snowy veil
Content like a panda bear
Still breathing the fresh mountain air
I'll put on a diving tank
And sing when I inhale