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美国科技股遭严重打击 特斯拉股票成为苹果股票的竞争对手

2022-09-27 09:11来源:VOA在线

  On the morning of September 27, Beijing time, it was reported that in the past year, high-value technology stocks had been severely hit, and Tesla's stock had become a competitor to Apple's stock.

  Among the top five companies in the United States by market value, Tesla's share price is currently the highest. The company is the only one whose performance is close to Apple's, which is a rare highlight for investors in the industry this year. Since 2022, Tesla's share price has declined by 22%, while Apple's has declined by 15%. In contrast, Microsoft, Alphabet and Amazon all fell by more than 29%, basically equal to the NASDAQ 100 Index.

  On the surface, Tesla's performance seems to be the opposite of Apple's. The revenue of this electric vehicle manufacturer increased greatly, but its profit margin was very low. Until a few years ago, the company was still burning a lot of money and was once on the verge of bankruptcy. In contrast, Apple's expansion has slowed down, but the company has become a profit giant. The net income of this electronic equipment giant is expected to reach 100 billion dollars this fiscal year.

  Eric Clark, portfolio manager of Accuvest Global Advisors, said: "The correlation between the two is amazing, but when you consider that Tesla is the only electric vehicle enterprise among the top five enterprises with a market value, which makes it unique. Other large technology companies are in the field of software or cloud computing, and these markets are more competitive. I think people underestimate the pure appeal of a particular theme."

  The similarity between Apple and Tesla is that both companies have huge market values of $2.4 trillion and $862 billion, respectively, which means that they both benefit from funds flowing into major indexes. Wiley Angel, chief market strategist of Ziegler Capital Management, said that compared with other technology stocks, they have less connection with the business cycle.

  Ziegler Capital Management holds the shares of Apple and Tesla at the same time. Angell said: "This means that there is less concern about the economic recession and less concern about what the Federal Reserve is doing. The development of electric vehicles is still at an early stage, and Apple is getting a lot of income from subscription or repeatability, which means it is more stable."

  These characteristics, as well as the loyal consumers attracted by their products, make these two stocks the most popular stocks for retail investors. Vanda Research said on September 21 that Apple and Tesla are by far the most stocks purchased by ordinary investors in the past five days.

  Apple's huge cash flow and its commitment to return funds to shareholders through dividends and buybacks have made it a favorite for investors to seek defense when they are worried that the efforts of Wachovia to fight inflation will plunge the U.S. economy into recession. Meanwhile, some of Tesla's fluctuations this year are related to CEO Elon Musk's decision to acquire Twitter, which he is currently trying to get rid of.

  Data compiled by Bloomberg shows that Apple has obtained a premium valuation relative to the NASDAQ 100 index, which is far higher than the average level of the company in the past decade.

  Angell of Ziegler Capital said that in a market where investors are trying to avoid risks, Apple and Tesla are particularly attractive now because they have loyal customer groups and are relatively less vulnerable to the impact of economic cycles. "The excellent performance of the two companies is the reason why we want to continue to hold them," he said

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