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050 吃热狗比赛 - Eating Contest

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Y: 我前几天刚夸你健美,你就这么狼吞虎咽吃热狗。Why are you are eating like a pig?

P: Yang Chen, we're doing an awesome sport today. You're going to be really excited. Today we're doing competitive eating.

Y: 吃东西还要比赛。Wow, that IS exciting.

P: Hey, the two of us can do an eating contest first. Well, I guess I just beat you to the punch.

Y: Punch? 我从来不打人。

P: Right. And I have the bruises to prove it. Actually, the phrase 'beat someone to the punch' is an old boxing term. It means that you do something faster than someone else.

Y: Oh, 这是一个拳击术语,意思是先出手,先发制人。

P: Bingo. For example, I wanted to ask my pretty new classmate out on a date, but one of the other guys in the class beat me to the punch and asked her out first.

Y: Again? 这样下去好女孩都被别人抢走,你要打一辈子光棍儿了。 

P: Very funny. Now come on, let's start our eating contest. Whoever can eat the most hot dogs in 10 minutes wins.

Y: Alright! Go!

(Chewing sounds)


P: Oh my gosh, Yang Chen. I've never seen somebody eat so many hot dogs! 

Y: Oh Patrick, don't be sad. 

P: Well all I can say is that I hope you are as good at drinking Pepto Bismol as you are at eating hot dogs.