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039 夏威夷冲浪 - Surfing in Hawaii

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P: This is terrific. I can't believe we are in Hawaii, Yang Chen!

Y: I can't believe it, either. 我们是不是要在沙滩上晒太阳? Patrick, did you bring your bikini?

P: Yang Chen., could you be serious for just one moment?

Y: OK.

P: I'm going to teach you how to surf. Look at the wave. The waves are huge─and just perfect for surfing!

Y: 噢,你要教我冲浪。Surfing in Hawaii!

P: Let's take our surfboards out into the water and ride some waves.

Y: Yes. Captain. Here we go!

P: Not yet, Yang Chen. First, you lie down on your stomach on your surfboard and paddle with your arms out to where the waves are. The waves right here are really small. We can't do anything.

Y: Okay, lying down on my stomach, 趴在冲浪板上,paddle with my arms两手向前滑。(Splashing sounds, like paddling)

P: This is good. This is far enough, Yang Chen.

Y: 我会冲浪了! Surfing is soooooooo easy.

P: You've got to be kidding me. Look, to really surf you have to stand up on the surf board, while riding a wave.

Y: 趴着不行,还要站起来?

P: That is what surfing is: Standing up on a surfboard and riding a wave.

Y: I'm going to stay here and wait.

P Wait for who? Michael Phelps?

Y: Maybe.

P: Look, there is nothing to be afraid of, Yang Chen.

Y: Look, I'm standing up! Patrick, see you later!

P: Someone's got have to go out and get her.