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047 车尾派对 - Tailgating party

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Y : Something smells good.

P: I've prepared some steak today for the tailgating party I'm having.

Y: 虽然我不知道什么是tailgating party, 可是我想知道Am I invited?

P: Of course you are invited. Yang Chen. Tailgating is when football fans gather outside the football stadium in the parking lot, and they host barbecue parties before, during and after the game.

Y: 你说tailgating party是在比赛之前,比赛进行当中,比赛之后;那些fans还要不要进 去看球啊?

P: That's a great question. The best thing about a tailgating party is you don't have to pay. You are outside, you are watching the game,

Y: In the parking lot.

P: That's right. A lot of people just stay in the parking lot. And they've got food and drinks, and the whole party is centered around the car that they drive in.

Y: So it's free.

P: Oh yeah.

Y: 那为什么叫tailgating party?

P: The tail of the car,

Y: 车尾巴。

P: Right, it's the end of the car. Usually we sit on the end of the car,


P: We have our snacks, our barbecue, our drinks; you listen to the radio, and watch the TV; it's a big party. It's great. Just a minute, Yang Chen. I need to go put my face paint on. OK, I'm back.

Y: (Screaming)

P: What are you so afraid of?

Y: You look like a clown. 你脸上花花绿绿的是什么东西?

P: I'm not a clown. Yang Chen. I'm a fan. I'm a super fan.