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045 冰球 - Hockey

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Y: 今天我和Marc, Patrick一起看冰球比赛。

M: Thanks for inviting me to this hockey game Yang Chen.

P: Yeh. How did you ever get tickets to the Stanley Cup?

Y: Well, I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you.

M: Never mind, I don't want to know that bad. But I'm surprised that you are a hockey fan.

Y: I'm not exactly a hockey fan. 我其实不太懂冰球。

M: Oh, I think you are just being modest.

P: Believe me. She is not being modest.

Look! Our team just scored!

Y: 为什么每个人都往冰场扔帽子?

M: Because that player just scored a hat-trick.

Y: Hat-trick? 有人变魔术?

M: There is no magician. It means one player scores three goals in one game. When that happens, everybody throws their hat on the ice.

Y: 噢,有一个队员进三个球,我们就说他scored a hat-trick。

Quick, give me your hat! I'm going to throw it.

P: No way! Throw your own.

M: OK. You can have mine.

Y: I have another question. 刚才一个队有五个队员,另一个队有四个。太不公平了。

M: That's because the first team was on a power play.

Y: What is a power play?

M: If a player breaks a rule, he has to sit in the penalty box. So the other team has an extra player and is on a power play.

Y: 犯规的队员要坐到受罚席,另一个队就是on a power play, 比对方多一个人,所以实力更强。

I have another question.

M: Yang Chen, now I realize you really know very little about hockey.

P: She knows very little about any sport.

Y: That's not true. I can play Mahjong.

P: Like I said, you don't know anything about any sports, because Mahjong isn't a sport.