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她说:“我们需要从伊朗这个罪魁祸首及其同伙真主党民兵开始。” 真主党是被美国定性为恐怖组织的黎巴嫩什叶派武装组织。 她说,伊朗和真主党民兵通过恐怖主义行动和军事行动联手破坏该地区的稳定。


黑利大使还指责伊朗和真主党民兵参与叙利亚冲突。她说:“今天他们支持阿萨德的野蛮行径,与他的部队一起战斗,增加了数千名平民的死亡和数百万难民的痛苦。 他们在伊拉克训练民兵,并为也门的胡赛激进分子提供武器。”






US Ambassador to UN Takes Aim at Iran, Hezbollah


The U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations took aim at Iran and its proxy militia Hezbollah on Thursday, saying the United States would act against this "growing menace."

At the monthly meeting of the U.N. Security Council that focuses on the Middle East, specifically the Israeli-Palestinian issue, Nikki Haley said the council should expand its attention to focus on other threats in the region.

"We need to start with the chief culprit: Iran and its partner militia Hezbollah," she said, referring to the Lebanese Shi'ite militant group, which the U.S. has designated as a terrorist organization. She said the two have conspired together to destabilize the region through terrorist acts and military action.

"Today they prop up Bashar al-Assad's brutality, fighting alongside his forces, adding to the killing of thousands of civilians and the misery of millions of refugees," Haley said of Iran and Hezbollah's involvement in the Syrian conflict. "They train militias in Iraq, and arm Houthi militants in Yemen," she added.

"While this council has paid too little attention to this growing menace, the United States will not," she warned. "We are going to speak up about Iran and Hezbollah, and we are going to act against their lawlessness."

The U.S. ambassador's strong comments come a day after Secretary of State Rex Tillerson criticized Tehran, saying that while it had abided by its obligations under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action agreed between the six major powers and Iran in 2015, the deal had not stopped Iran's ability and determination to develop nuclear weapons.