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星期天晚上,奥巴马在白 宫发表全国讲话时说,一小队美国人在伊斯兰堡以北一个富裕地区阿伯塔巴德执行了这次有锁定目标的行动。他说,美军在交火后打死了拉登,并掌握了他的尸体。 奥巴马将这一发展称为打败基地组织使命的“最重要成就”。他说,本拉登的死亡应受到所有信奉和平和人类尊严人的欢迎。他说:“正义得到了伸张。”




U.S. President Barack Obama says the world's most wanted terrorist, al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden, was killed by U.S. forces at a compound inside Pakistan. 

In a nationwide address from the White House late Sunday, Mr. Obama said a "small team of Americans" carried out the targeted operation against the compound in Abbottabad, an affluent area north of Islamabad. He said U.S. forces killed bin Laden after a firefight and took custody of his body. 
Mr. Obama called the development the "most significant achievement" in the mission to defeat al-Qaida, and said bin Laden's demise should be welcomed by all those who believe in peace and human dignity. He said "justice has been done." 

In a briefing, the Obama administration described the raid as a complex, dangerous mission. An official said the United States did not share information on the raid with any other country and very few people in the U.S. government knew of the plan in advance. An official described the compound as having "extraordinary" security measures, including two security gates and walls three to four meters high topped by barbed wire. 

The killing of bin Laden comes nearly 10 years after the catastrophic attacks by al-Qaida operatives on the United States on September 11, 2001. Nearly 3,000 people were killed in the attacks. 

Mr. Obama said bin Laden was not a Muslim leader, but a "mass murderer of Muslims." The president said bin Laden was located with the help of Pakistani intelligence, and that he authorized the operation after months of pursuing an intelligence lead.