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克卿将在慕尼黑会见乌克兰反对派领袖 Kerry to Meet With Ukraine Opposition in Munich

与 此同时,乌克兰抗议者星期五对反对派活动人士布勒托夫据称被绑架后受伤表示愤怒。布勒托夫1月22日起失踪,1月30日晚间人们在基辅郊外找到他,当时他 的脸上有割伤和擦伤。布勒托夫说,他被不明身份的人绑架,被扣押了几天,然后被丢弃在一片树林里。布勒托夫说,他设法去到附近的一个村庄,通过电话跟他的 朋友联系上。

U.S. officials say Secretary of State John Kerry will hold his first meeting with members of the Ukrainian opposition who have been leading anti-government protests in the country since November.

Kerry, on a visit to Germany, will hold talks Saturday with opposition politician Arseny Yatsenyuk and former boxing champion-turned-activist Vitali Klitschko.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian protesters were expressing outrage after opposition activist Dmytro Bulatov, missing since January 22, was found outside Kyiv Thursday with cuts and bruises to his face.  Bulatov says he was kidnapped by unknown abductors and held for days before being abandoned in a forest. He says he made his way to a nearby village where he reached his friends by phone.

The United Nations human rights office has called on Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to investigate recent reports of deaths, kidnappings and torture during the nation's political unrest.

President Yanukovych has issued a statement accusing opposition leaders of escalating the political crisis. He said they are encouraging people to stand outside in freezing weather just to advance their political ambitions.  Mr. Yanukovych says the government has fulfilled its obligations to end the standoff, including a conditional amnesty for arrested protesters and replacing his prime minister.