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2010-10-23 CNN

Yale University, 5 presidents have gone there, actors, scholars, leaders. Its global reputation speaks for itself which makes this fraternity pledge ritual on the campus all the more shocking.

No means, yes.....

"No means yes" You can look online if you want to know the bleeped word because I'm not saying it. And get this, that chant was one of the more G-rate ones. The pledges of Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity were shouting this stuff in an area of campus where freshman women live, imagining being a18-year-old young woman in the new place hearing that from a new roomate at night, imagine your daughter hear that, hearing a gang of young men moving around in the dark, chanting about rape in an area that supposed to be a safe home away from the home. Not exactly the cream of the crop, I believe(ivy league) behavoir is it. It's morally irresponsible, it's gross, it's creepy, and not funny at all. Even though these guys must've thought it was. In this day and age, just cave men behavior. The National Fraternity credit though, it has told the Yale chapter to stop all pledge activities for now. And the school has already held the campus forum to talk about Yale sexual climate.

A couple of years ago, pledges from another frat went to the women centre and hold up the sign that said' we love yale sluts'. And there was little punishment. Editor of Yale's feminist magazine said it best, quote' please join us, and asking at this time around Yale take action on behalf of its female students Yale's women have endured  enough in this pain, it must cease now.

Well, Yale college dean didn't post a response to our story on our blog. And in that show, Marry Miller says Yale doesn't censor a free-speech, but it doese call for enviroment of civilty and respect. She adds that, at least 150 students largely from the woman centre and DKE Fraternity met to begin a dialogue that hopefully leads to mutual respect. And what it's important to recognize is that the Fraternity has accepted responsibility opening a new level of discourse on the issue of sexual harassment. This is definitely an opportunity to cease " End quote.