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CNN Student News - February 20,2013

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CARL AZUZ, CNN ANCHOR: Welcome to CNN STUDENT NEWS. Products being pulled off shelves. Authorities running investigations, some shoppers protesting. All of it has to do with meat. Some packages that were labeled as 100 percent beef were discovered to contain horse meat. Ireland, the U.K, France, Germany, Sweden Switzerland, Romania. This scandal is affecting more than a dozen European countries. The latest news is that Nestle, a mega food company, is pulling some of its products in Italy, Spain and France. It`s also stopping deliveries of some products from a German supplier, because traces of horse DNA were found in the meat. But let`s get the big question out of the way: will eating horse meat make you sick? British health officials say, no. The meat itself not a risk, but one concern is about a drug called "bute". It`s used on horses and it can cause some rare, but serious health problems for humans. There is also a religious issue here. Some religions have dietary laws that restrict eating horse meat. Since these packages were labeled incorrectly, people might have eaten eat without knowing. In some countries like France, China and Russia eating horse meat is common. In others, like the United Kingdom, the idea is unthinkable. Would this kind of thing change your eating habits? On Twitter, Chris told me: "Yes, there are not good circumstances I can think of where I`d willingly eat horse." Matt disagreed: "Honestly, I wouldn`t change my eating habits just for one small chance that I`ll eat horse meat."


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: See if you can I.D. me. I`m a U.S. state that borders Canada. I have one of America`s smallest populations. My southern neighbor shares part of my name. And my capital city is Bismarck. I`m North Dakota. And my name comes from a Native American world for "friend."


AZUZ: You might expect North Dakota to get hammered with snow all winter, but on average, the state gets less snow than the states to the east or west of it. Then, there is this: a winter storm slammed part of the state last weekend. The I-reporter who sent this video in, said there were four to eight inches of snow and winds blowing through it around 50 miles per hour. The snow and fog made it hard for driver to see, so officials put out a travel alert. They also warned drivers to watch out for snow plows that were working to clear the roads.

Weather is flying, and flying is weather. A pilot named Bob Buck (ph) wrote that, showing that the two thing are always linked. That`s why storms like the North Dakota blizzard or the recent nor`easter on the East coast always affect air travel. Flying may still be the safest way to travel, but there is a lot that goes into making it that way. Ayesha Durgahee shows us what.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Ladies and gentlemen, (inaudible) from the Atlantic. This is your captain.

AYESHA DURGAHEE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: And in-flight forecast from the front of the plane.


DURGAHEE: Once the seat belt sign is on, we can get back to enjoying a meal or a movie, because the planes we fly in are designed to battle the elements that can suddenly cross their paths.

PROFESSOR MANU HADDAD, LIGHTNING LAB, CARDIFF UNIVERSITY: There is one lightning strike every second around the world. Every single aircraft is hit by lightning once a year.

DURGAHEE: Here, at Cardiff University in Wales, lightning strikes every day, where capacities discharge a current of 100,000 amps in a microsecond recreating the power of a lightning bolt at altitude. The aluminum body of an aircraft is highly conductive, and acts as a Faraday cage. A metallic shield that directs the electric charge outside towards the back of the plane. And the passengers on board won`t feel a thing.

This $2 million lightning lab in partnership with EADS and the Welsh government, tests different conductor strips on the nose of a plane and new composite materials found on modern aircraft.

Another built-in defense mechanism is using the heat from the engines to melt ice around them and along the edge of the wings.

And here at Cranfield University, they have an ice tunnel. Minus ten degrees Celsius with a wind speed of 100 miles per hour. They can see how ice builds up and understand its aerodynamic qualities.

DR. DAVID HAMMOND, CRANFIELD UNIVERSITY: What we`d find is that generally the ice that forms in this area here, it can be quite thin, but the ice, which forms a little bit further back can be a lot thicker, which actually reverses the curvature of the leading edge.

DURGAHEE (on camera): It changes the shape of the wing, essentially.

HAMMOND: Quite dramatically, in some cases, yes. Unless you do something to prevent it. So, in an aircraft, typically we`ll work out which parts of the aircraft are most critical aerodynamically, and then make sure that they are protected.

DURGAHEE (voice over): When it comes to aircraft design and weather, at research level, there are men and women dedicating their lives to specific weather conditions, to ensure planes are built to buffer and bear the harshest of conditions. And then it`s up to the pilots to do the rest.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s time for "The Shoutout." Polyethylene is used to make some plastics, but what chemical elements make up polyethylene? If you think you know it, then shout it out!

Is it hydrogen and silicon, carbon and hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon or lithium and aluminum? You`ve got three seconds, go!

Polyethylene is a chain of carbon and hydrogen atoms that can take a long time to break down. That`s your answer and that`s your "Shoutout."


AZUZ: How long are we talking about? The honest answer is "we don`t know for sure." Plastics just haven`t been around long enough. But scientists estimate it could take anywhere from 500 to a 1000 years for some of these things to break down. That`s part of the reason why Sacramento, California`s capital is thinking about banning plastic bags. The city council says they pile up in landfills or show up as litter on roads and in trees or rivers. The ban would be on plastic bags in large grocery and retail stores. Instead, people could bring their own bags or pay around ten cents for a paper bag from the store. Some of the stores were on board with the idea, but at least one shopper said he doesn`t want the plastic bags to disappear since he reuses them for other things.

When the stock market closed yesterday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was higher than it`s been in five years. You might know that the Dow is one way to measure how the whole economy is doing, but do you know how the Dow Jones Average works? What about calculating the interest rate on the student loan for college? When I was back in school, I didn`t know. There`s a program, though, that tries to teach students that kind of financial literacy to help the students future and possibly the country`s.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Another key thing about investment is there`s going to be risk -- some amount of risk involved.

SUZANNE MALVEAUX, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Auston Kennedy is a high school senior, and although he can`t buy a house or a car just yet, he wants to be financially responsible at an early age.

AUSTON KENNEDY, SENIOR, WEST LAKE HIGH SCHOOL: It`s important for teenagers to learn to be financially literate so that before they are in a position to manage their own finance, to make their decisions, they already have a good base as far as what`s appropriate, what`s the best way to manage their funds.

MALVEAUX: Kennedy got his advice from a program that brings real life banking practices into the classroom. John Bryant heads up Banking on Our Future, also called BOOF.

JOHN HOPE BRYANT, CEO AND FOUNDER, OPERATION HOPE: You`re going to grow up and do well, and do good. You don`t want to just do well for yourself, you want to do well, and then get back to your community as well.

MALVEAUX: Bryant`s non-profit has been around for 20 years. He says his mission is to empower communities to reach people at a young age so they could control their own financial destiny.

BRYANT: Connect education with aspiration, these kids are dropping out of high school, because they don`t think education is relevant to their future. It`s real simple. Give them something to believe in. There`s nothing more valuable than investing in their education, investing in their self-esteem, especially investing in their spiritual growth and then investing in their dream.

MALVEAUX: Hip hop mogul and entrepreneur Russell Simmons is a big supporter of the program.

RUSSELL SIMMONS, CHAIRMAN AND CEO RUSH COMMUNICATIONS: People need to be educated, compete in any sector of the society. We spend so much money on a war machine, and so little money on our children`s education. And our kids -- they don`t have lobbyists, so, you know, we have to lobby for them.

MALVEAUX: As Auston prepares for college, Bryant sees his investment paying off.

KENNEDY: I`ve been asking a lot more of the financial aid representatives about the best ways to manage funds in college. I probably wouldn`t have had inclination to ask those questions, had I not been involved with the Banking on Our Future program.

MALVEAUX: Suzanne Malveaux, CNN, Atlanta.


AZUZ: So, how good are you at managing your money? I mean whether or not you`re considering yourself financially literate, do you tend to save more or spend more? Our blog is open for business at cnnstudentnews.com.

Sometimes one golfer will play nine holes. In this Youtube video, those numbers are flipped.




AZUZ: Unbelievable. College seniors lined up the trick shot as part of the monthly class competition -- yes, they won. It wasn`t a hole in one, though, it took them 28 tries to nail the shot. But they didn`t want to cheat or cut any corners. When you are golfing, you aim for the fair way. I mean that`s just part for the course. If other competitors were green with envy, they can try to top this shot, they`ll have to putt up or shot up. That`s the whole story for today. Teachers, we want your thoughts on today`s show. Use the feedback link on our home page. We`ll see you all again tomorrow.


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