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美国VR校车 带孩子们体验火星之旅

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American aerospace company Lockheed Martin has found a really cool way to inspire the young minds of today to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).


It may look like a regular yellow bus, but that's because all the magic happens once you get inside. Meet the "Mars Experience Bus," part of Lockheed Martin's new "Generation Beyond" national education program to get the kids involved in studying what goes on outside of our home planet. The bus offers an immersive virtual reality experience making the youngsters feel like they are driving on Mars.


The VR experience was developed by taking advantage of software created for today's “most advanced video games,” so you can imagine the quality of the picture is top notch. The kids do seem really excited to see the bus take a virtual trip on the red planet and explore unknown territory. It's certainly a great method to spark their curiosity about the universe via virtual reality implemented on an ordinary bus.


The Lockheed Martin's vehicle will embark on a tour in the United States to allow kids from different parts of the country to take a ride in it. The Generation Beyond project also includes a neat smartphone app for iOS and Android devices providing real-time information concerning weather reports from Mars. In addition, middle school teachers have access to a free deep space curriculum.


virtual reality:虚拟现实(利用计算机虚拟的视觉、触觉环境,令人恍如身临其境并可在里面活动)
top notch:拔尖的,出众的