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石油大亨发圣诞大礼 员工每人10万美元

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Hilcorp, a private oil and natural gas exploration and production company based in Texas, is in the news for its unprecedented generosity towards employees. To celebrate an excellent year, CEO Jeff Hildebrand gave the entire company staff huge bonuses – $100,000 to each of the 1,381 workers! It seems Santa is real after all.


“It’s just a true gift,” said receptionist Amanda Thompson, who has worked at Hilcorp for the past 10 years. “And I think myself, as long as everyone else is not going to give any less than one hundred percent each day.” With this kind of rewards, it’s really no wonder that the company was included in the FORTUNE list of 100 Best Companies to Work For, for the third year in a row.


“Mr. Jeff Hildebrand, and our president Greg Lalicker, they are such amazing motivators,” Thompson added. “Somedays I just kind of look down the hall and say I can’t believe these are my bosses and they’re the best.” She explained that Hildebrand and Lalicker had promised their employees a sizable bonus if Hilcorp’s size could be doubled in five years, and they kept that promise once that goal was reached.
汤普森还说道:“希尔德布兰德先生和公司总裁格雷格·拉里克都很善于调动员工的积极性。总有一天我会从大楼上往下眺望呐喊,不敢相信我的老板竟然是两个这 么棒的人。”她解释道,希尔德布兰德和拉里克曾向员工许诺如果公司规模能在五年内扩大一倍,就会颁发一大笔奖金。如今他们兑现了这个承诺。


“We were all able to celebrate and enjoy that life changing day together,” she said. “We cried with happiness for each other, and hugged. Surreal. It was a surreal day it was a dream come true. It was likely a day that many people won’t experience in their lifetime and we did it all together.”


But this isn’t the first time the employees enjoyed such a momentous occasion. Thompson said they were rewarded for reaching the same goal in 2010 – every employee got to choose between a $50,000-car or a $35,000 cash check. But this year’s reward is life-changingly huge, so much so that they’re now referring to it as ‘Oprah Day’. Some of the workers are planning to use the bonus to retire early, while others are going to remodel their homes, pay for their children’s college tuition, and take vacations.
但这并不是Hilcorp公司旗下的员工第一次经历这种令人激动的事件了。汤普森说,公司员工也曾在2010年因达成同样的目标而领到了奖金——每位员工 可以选择要一辆价值5万美元的汽车或是一张3.5万美元现金支票。但今年的奖金数额之大能改变人们的生活,员工们纷纷将其称为“奥普拉日”。有了这笔奖金 后,一些员工想要提前退休,有些人想要装修房子,交孩子的大学学费,还想度个假。


We’ve seen benevolent employers in the past – earlier this year, we wrote about Li Jinyuan, Chinese billionaire and chairman of Tiens Group, who took 6,400 of his workers on vacation to France, spending a whopping 33million euro on the trip.