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It may look all shiny and new, but your smartphone is probably one of the filthiest things you own. The amount of bacteria and germs it carries is disgustingly huge, which is probably why a Japanese company is targeting germaphobes with the world’s first washable phone.


The Snapdragon 410 processor, 5-inch android phone, called Digno Rafre, is all set to be released in Japan by tech company Kyocera Telecom this week. It’s USP is that it’s waterproof and soap resistant, so it can be thoroughly washed under running water. There’s no risk of water entering the device because it’s entirely sealed to keep water and bubbles from getting in. It doesn’t even have a speaker, relying instead on a Smart Sonic receiver that transmits sound through vibrations on the phone’s screen. The built-in 13MP camera is also waterproof.
配备骁龙410处理器,这款5英寸的安卓手机,名为Digno Rafre,由京瓷科技将于本周发行。它的卖点就是防水抗肥皂,所以它可用自来水冲洗。水不会进入设备中,因为它全身设计成完全封闭的,以防止水和气泡进 入。它甚至没有话筒,而是通过智能声波接收器,通过手机屏幕震动进行传输。它内置的1300万像素主摄像头也是防水的。




Apart from being washable, the phone is also ideal for kids, for people who are clumsy and keep dropping their phones everywhere, or like to take bathtub selfies. It even comes with a special rubber duck-shaped floating stand. To wash the phone, the company suggests gently rubbing soap foam all over it before thoroughly rinsing it with plain water. And, as an added bonus, there’s no danger of scratching the phone, because its plastic back cover is supposed to be self-healing.
除了可以水洗,该手机对孩子、粗心的人、到处乱放手机的人或者喜欢在浴缸自拍的人而言也是十分理想的。它甚至装有一个特殊的橡胶鸭形上浮器。清洗手机时, 该公司建议在用水冲洗前,温和地在手机全身擦上肥皂泡沫。还有一个附加福利,该手机没有抓坏的危险,因为它的塑料后盖可以自愈。


Digno Rafre, which comes with 16GB storage, 2GB RAM, and a 2MP front camera is priced at ¥57,420 (about $467), but it isn’t available for purchase outside of Japan. The company has announced no plans of releasing the gadget in foreign markets, but if interest is high enough, who knows?
Digno Rafre配备16G内存,2G RAM,前置200万像素,售价57420日元(约合2975人民币),但只限于日本国内购买。该公司称目前没有在海外市场推出的计划,但如果手机足够吸引人,谁又知道呢?