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When you think you've seen everything that could possibly be done with nail art, manicure devotees prove you wrong. Step forward the new trend blowing up on Instagram for 'bubble' nails, where acrylic is piled up on top of the nail and thinned out towards the edge.
如果你认为五花八门的美甲你都见识过了,美甲控们会证明你想错了。快来看看在Insagram走红的新潮流——“泡泡美甲”! 这种美甲就是把丙烯酸材质的美甲材料涂在指甲表面,指甲边缘处逐渐变薄。

Acrylic nails are usually about thinness, but with this trend it's all about bulk to create a large curve on the nail. It has to be created in a nail salon but because it's not taught in beauty school, technicians are having to teach themselves through trial and error.


Hawaiian designs and neon colors are popular, along with a gradient effect.



The curvy trend has existed since 2009 when nail art first caught on but has only just gained popularity. Thousands are now posting photos of their new 3D talons on Instagram under the hashtag #bubblenails.
拱形美甲最早出现于2009年,那时美甲刚流行开来,不过直到最近才人气大涨。当前,几千人在Instagram 上用“#泡泡美甲”的标签,发布他们新做的3D美甲照片。


The bubble base is just another way manicure fans are making their talons the focus of their look with jewels and patterns also piled onto the nail. Women are choosing brightly-colored polishes or layers of glitter over the acrylic to draw attention to the nails.


Hump nails are also gaining popularity - these use a similar technique to bubble nails but with a longer nail for a base. The acrylic close to the cuticle has to be thinner, with the liquid gradually building up towards a bump in the middle, then thinning out again at the tip of the nail.


One bubble nails lover went one step further with the trend. She created nails which bend over her finger by using bubble nails with false nails attached to the tip.


None of the styles are recommended to be worn for too long though, as the huge amount of acrylic can damage the nail.


manicure: 修指甲
acrylic: 塑胶
gradient: 倾斜的,有梯度的
catch on: 流行开来
talon: 手
hashtag: 井号标签
cuticle: 角质层;(手指甲或脚趾甲根部的)外皮