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That’s right, 1000 big ones just for showing up for a job interview. In a climate where many people are struggling to get their foot in the door this seems almost too good to be true.


But it is true. Midas Media, located in Melton Mowbrey in the East Midlands, are taking the unique step of paying anybody who attends a job interview with them £1,000. What legends eh? The job would be working in digital marketing.
但这事儿还真不假。位于英国东部地区梅尔顿莫布雷的米达斯传媒公司(Midas Media)为了招揽人才出了一奇招,任何上门面试的人都将获得1000英镑。这又是什么鬼?据悉,该公司招聘的是数字营销一职。


The reason for their generosity is all down to the location. We spoke to Ed Leake, the companies Managing Director and he told us:


“If we were in London, Manchester, or Brighton we would have landed someone by now. We put the job out there and didn’t receive any applications for a month and a half.”


“After thinking outside the box a little and coming up with the £1,000 scheme we have started to see more interest. It’s all gone a little bit crazy, we’ve been on the BBC and even on TV in Canada.”


Melton Mowbray may have been the stumbling block, but this is the place that is famous for the porkpie. What more could you ask for?


And for those who could do with an extra grand in your back pocket but don’t fancy the relocation.


Unfortunately, it won’t be as easy as that. Midas Media will be conducting phone interviews first and only those who are successful in progressing to a face to face interview, during which they will have to submit a future plan, will be paid the £1,000.


Still, if you are interested in the role this could be the most rewarding job interview you ever attend.


A boss that pays you for attending the job interview, that’s the kind of boss we want to be working for!