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植物大战僵尸主题曲-Zombies on Your Lawn

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热门游戏植物大战僵尸的设计师Geroge Fan的女友Laura Shigihara是一个职业游戏音乐制作人,她负责制作并演唱了植物大战僵尸这款游戏的主题音乐Zombies on Your Lawn

:Laura Shigihara
Song:Zombies on Your Lawn

There's a zombie on your law-awn
There's a zombie on your lawnnn...
There's a zombie on your law-awn
We don't want zombies on the lawn...

I know your type: tall, dark, and dead
You want to bite all the petals off of my head
And then eat the brains off
the one who planted me here (SFX: Noooo!)

I'm just a sunflower but see
me power an entire infantry
You like the taste of brains
we don't like zombies

I used to play football (Footbaw-all)
Road cones protect my head (Cone on his head)

I have a screen door shield (Door Shield)
All zombies: We are the undead!

Repeat Chorus, in Night and Fog stages

Maybe it's time to reevaluate
I know you have a lot of food on your plate
Brains are quite rich in cholesterol

You're dead so it doesn't matter,
so Instead we'll use this solar power
to make a lawn defense at any hour

I like your tricycle (cy-cle)

There's butter on my head (oh on his head)
(dolphin sound) I'm gonna eat your brains (oh no no no)

We are the undead!