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日本公司提供假朋友 让你在社交网络“有面子”

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Want to brag about your active social life on Facebook, when you really have no friends? Trying to make your ex jealous by posing with an attractive new partner, but can’t find a date? No need to worry, this Japanese company will happily send you some fake friends or lovers for a fun photo shoot that will make your online friends green with envy. You’ll have to pay for it, though.


Keeping up appearances on social media is apparently very important to a lot of people, and Japanese company Family Romance is committed to helping its clients do just that. Whether they are looking to show co-workers that they are much more fun to be around than they appear to be at the office, or trying to impress a special someone with their active social life, the company’s Real Appeal service aims to help them succeed, by providing some fake friends for impressive photo shoots. Clients can then post these pics on their Facebook or Instagram pages to show everyone how fun their life is, without anyone knowing it’s all a paid-for illusion.
显然,在社交媒体上保持完美形象对很多人来说都很重要,而这正是日本公司Family Romance决心要帮客户做到的。不论客户是想向同事展示自己比在办公室表现出来的要有趣得多,还是想向某个特殊的人显摆自己活跃的社交生活,都是这家公司的Real Appeal服务的范围。该公司通过提供假朋友和客户拍出漂亮的合照来帮助客户成功达到目标。客户可以把这些照片上传到Facebook或Instagram个人主页来向大家展示自己的生活是多么有趣,而不会让任何人察觉这是付费营造的假象。


Depending on what goal Family Romance clients are trying to achieve, they can request fake friends of a certain age, gender or sporting certain physical traits, and make their final selection from a series of employee photos available on the company website. You can book as many fake friends as you need, as long as you agree to do it for a minimum of two hours and pay a fee of 8,000 yen ($71) per fake friend, plus whatever other expenses your photo-opp incurs (travel, hotel stays, drinks, etc.).
根据Family Romance客户想达到的目标的不同,客户可以就年龄、性别或特定外貌特征提出要求,然后从公司网站上现有的一系列员工照片中做出最终选择。你需要多少假朋友就可以预订多少,只要你同意至少接受2个小时的服务并支付每个假朋友8000日元(合488元人民币)的服务费以及拍摄照片所发生的费用(旅行、酒店住宿、饮料等)。


The fake friends provided by Family Romance can also play the role of fake girlfriend/boyfriend, allowing clients to either show their exes that they’ve moved on, or win them back through sheer jealousy. To make it seem like a real, evolving romantic relationship, clients book the same fake friend for multiple photo shoots. And if you’re having trouble coming up with ideas for effective photo ops, the company is more than happy to help with that too.
Family Romance公司提供的假朋友还可以扮演假女友/男友的角色,让客户可以向前任展示自己已有了新恋情,或通过激起嫉妒心让对方回头。为了让其看上去像是进展良好的真恋情,客户会和同一个假朋友拍多张合照。如果你不知道如何拍照效果更好,该公司也很乐意帮忙出谋划策。


But Real Appeal is just the latest in a variety of services offered by Family Romance. You can also hire actors to play your parents, your husband, and even your children, for just 20,000 yen ($175) per person, or book a whole crowd of people to attend your wedding ceremony and make you look popular in front of the few real friends and family that show up for free. You can even hire someone to apologize on your behalf. Whatever your need to create the appearance of a great life, Family Romance can apparently make it happen.
不过,Real Appeal只是Family Romance公司众多服务中最新推出的一种。你还可以从该公司雇佣演员来假装你的父母、你的老公甚至你的孩子,只需要2万日元/人,你也可以雇佣一大群人来参加你的婚礼,让你在免费参加婚礼的几个真正的朋友和家人面前显得很受欢迎。你甚至可以雇人来代你道歉。不论你需要制造出什么完美生活的假象,Family Romance似乎都能办得到。