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Hourly News 2013-02-20

2013-02-20 12:54来源:未知

China refutes U.S. report accusing military unit of hacking

The Chinese government is dismissing a report by a U.S. computer security company which is accusing a secretive Chinese military unit of being behind a series of hacking attacks around the world.
The report by Mandiant has identified a People's Liberation Army Unit based in Shanghai as the most likely driving force behind the hacking.
Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hong Lei says China firmly opposes hacking, but says there are a lot of doubts about the evidence provided in the report.
The Chinese government notes cyber-crime is an international problem and it should be dealt with through international cooperation on the basis of mutual trust and respect.

SW China earthquake injures 8

A 4.9-magnitude earthquake in Sichuan and Yunnan has left eight people hurt.
Two of the injured are reportedly in serious condition.
The shallow quake yesterday morning was centered in Yunnan's Qiaojia County, which is located in a remote area along Yunnan's northern border with Sichuan.
The quake was strong enough to topple over 70 houses.
The area is prone to semi-frequent seismic activity.

2月19日,云南昭通,巧家县药山镇距县城26公里发生4.9级地震。救援人员正在搬运救灾物资。[Photo: Xinhua]

2月19日上午至20日凌晨,中国西南多地发生地震,四川省连发8次地震。其中云南省昭通市巧家县、四川省凉山彝族自治 州宁南县交界发生4.9级地震。截至当日19时30分,巧家县“2 19”地震共造成8人受伤,其中重伤2人,轻微伤6人。灾情涉及10个乡镇687户2748人,直接经济损失470.5万元。

China, Russia pledge closer energy cooperation

Chinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan is suggesting stronger energy cooperation between China and Russia is inter-complementary, necessary and feasible.
Wang Qishan has made the comments during with the president of Russia's state-owned oil producer Rosneft in Beijing.
For his part, Igor Sechin, who is also a senior official in Russia's energy sector, says enhancing bilateral cooperation is the best choice for both sides in countering the international financial crisis.

Tunisian PM announces resignation amid deepening political crisis

Tunisia's Prime Minister has resigned.
Hamadi Jebali has made the move after failing to form a technocrat government, in what he says is a move designed to fulfill a promise to the people of Tunisia.
Jebali had earlier announced his intention to eventually to disolve parliament and install a caretaker cabinet in a bid to bring the recent unrest in the country to an end.
The plan, which has been rejected by his own ruling Ennahdha Party, was set in motion following the assassination a leading opposition figure a couple of weeks ago.
The assassiation led to another outbreak of wide-spread demonstrations in Tunisia, which was the original catalyst for the so-called Arab Spring.

Obama accepts Gen. John Allen's request to retire

US President Barack Obama has accepted the resignation of General John Allen.
Allen, the former top US commander in Afghanistan, was supposed to take over as the Supreme Commander of NATO in Europe.
However, his nomination was put on hold amid the investigation into emails sent among himself and woman who eventually became linked to the scandal which brought down CIA chief David Petraeus.
While Allen was eventually cleared by the military for his role in the affair, Allen says he's decided to retire to address "health issues within his family."
No word yet on who Obama is going to tap to potentially take over at NATO in Europe.

Fighter jet crashes in Yemen's capital, 10 killed

The death toll from a fighter-jet crash in the Yemeni capital Sana'a has risen to 10.
At least 2 children are among those killed, after the jet went down in a suburban area of Sana'a.
The Yemeni airforce jet, a Russian built Sukhoi, was on a training mission when it plowed into the roof of a three-story building.
17 others have been hurt in the crash.
It's unclear what caused the plane to go down.

NASA loses regular communication with ISS

NASA's flight controllers have lost regular communication with the International Space Station.
The station itself is fine and the crew is unaffected.
Mission Control in Houston lost contact with the ISS while it was updating the Space Station's onboard flight computer software.
The ISS had to contact Moscow to let the authorities know everything is functioning properly on the station.
There are currently one American and two Russians aboard the International Space Station.
Regular communications with the space station are expected to be restored in a few hours.

Punitive tariffs on Chinese solar products to cost EU up to 242,000 jobs: research

A new study shows punitive tariffs levied against imported Chinese solar products will lead to "very significant job losses" for the European Union.
Research institute Prognos says a 60 percent tariff against China's solar products will lead to over 193-thousand job losses in the EU during the first year of the tariffs.
The number of job losses would total 242-thousand in the third year.

China plans new medical payment system

The Ministry of Health has unveiled a new payment method which allows patients to pay after they receive treatment.
More than 20 provincial regions are exploring the new payment method, which could overturn the current system, where people have to pay before being treated.
Currently, patients have to pay their bills and then apply for a reimbursement through medical insurance, which usually covers just over 70 percent of the total costs.

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