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脸书创立十周年 Facebook Turns 10



脸书2012年上市的首次公开募股( IPO) 表现出人意料地差,但公司的股价自那时以来已经上升到创纪录的水平。该公司市值达到 1570亿美元,超过许多历时长出几十年的美国大公司。

专家说,这个社交网站的主要挑战是如何优雅地变老 – 那就是在保持其正在流向新技术的最年轻用户的兴趣,同时把他们的家长留在脸书的核心用户群体当中。

无论脸书的未来如何,它已经在当今的语言中留下了不可磨灭的印记 - 引入了诸如“加好友”(friending)、“ 消好友”(unfriending )、状态栏(status line)等现代词汇。

The biggest name in social networking -- Facebook -- celebrates 10 years of existence on Tuesday, having grown from a private college site to a worldwide platform with 1.23 billion users.

The company has announced no public plans for a celebration, but the occasion has spurred many observers to reflect on the meteoric rise of the site and its influence on other social networking services such as Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Facebook's initial public offering ((IPO)) in 2012 had unexpectedly poor results, but the value of company shares has risen to record levels since then. The company is worth a reported $157 billion, more than many major U.S. companies with histories that are decades longer.

Experts say the major challenge of the social networking site is to age gracefully -- keeping the interest of its youngest users, who are moving on to newer technologies, while leaving their parents among Facebook's core set of users.

No matter what its future, Facebook has already made an indelible mark on the language of today -- introducing such terms as "friending," "unfriending," and "status line" into the modern-day vocabulary.